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The EGD Super (ES for short) daily gains shall not exceed the starting benchmark prices by 2% (Not 2% daily growth, but no more than 2%) and the first year growth won't exceed by 730%. Afterwards the growing rate will depend on the market supply and demand freely without the limit. The price will subject to the user's order that has been finally transacted. The platform will repurchase ES in batches from 9:00am to 21:00 pm each day from low price to high. Temporary fund protection setting: During the time from 21:00 pm to 9:00 am (Beijing time), the Sell function is closed.

In order to ensure ES positioning as commercial loyalty points, users will only be allowed to sell ES on the platform but to buy ES is not allowed. There is only one way for general consumer to obtain ES is by buying Global Voucher.

The fiat withdrawal limits for ES holders are set as follows: No KYC: daily fiat 500 CNY, monthly fiat 1,000 CNY;KYC approved: daily fiat 50,000CNY, monthly fiat 1,000,000 CNY.

Selling and withdrawal will take 1.5% fee. If the money goes to MasterCard, the withdrawal fee is 1%. The maximum deposit to MasterCard is 50,000 US dollars and can be recycled top up. This function has been opened and users can directly apply the MasterCard. Visa co-brand card is under producing which expected to be issued in January of 2016.

ES as the customized EGD crypto assets, is the initiator of the global integrated commercial loyalty points. It can be transferred to the downloaded off-line wallet (treasure chest will be more accurate as ES is not positioned as currency) and gain more ES by involved in mining. Daily ES withdrawal limits are set as follows: No KYC: 1,000 ES; KYC approved: 10,000 ES.

Crypto assets is for the first time in human history generated from the internet environment, and it is one kind of valued assets which can be stored and transferred. In order to protect your ES assets loss from inappropriate password safekeeping, users are not allowed to transfer the ES with each other in the settlement system. But the ES in off-line wallet and the trading platform are not subject to this rule.

Please be well informed.